A collaboration with fellow designer Anelise Schroeder, Kossa is a milking stool designed to utilize the efficiencies of a CNC router, while remaining true to the historical references and design language that accompany these objects in rural culture.

The wanted cut

The Wanted Cut is a bench designed to highlight the divisions between conventional design and nature’s design. The inlaid steel frame symbolizes the cut made by a saw to rid the material of the unwanted sapwood and natural wain edge, segregating the live quality and origin of the material from the commodity--a perfect rectangle of walnut. By recontextualizing the idea of slab and reattaching it to its origin, the viewer can appreciate where building materials come from and perhaps gain a greater reverance for the tree.



juglans Nigra

Juglans Nigra is a set of wall hangings that paint a portait of the black walnut tree. It is meant to show that the walnut frame is more than just wooden material--it came from a living organism. The tree that produced this wood is the same species of tree that produces the twigs, leaves, nuts and catkin flowers displayed in the frames. Although these “body parts” of the black walnut tree are no longer alive, their memory and origin are preserved in object form.

Wiconi Lamp

Wiconi Lamp was constructed using unwanted live-edge cutoffs found in the scrap bin. In the language of the Lakota tribe, wiconi means life. In this object, discarded wood was given a new life and acts as a filter for light to fill a room in a warm radial pattern. The creation of this light pattern mimics the life-giving rays of the sun, while the wooden scraps prevent the light from being too overwhelming. Like the tree keeping the Earth’s climate in check, the wooden components assure the illumination of the room is balanced, peaceful, and beautiful.




Nomad is a collapsible chair that questions archetypal form. The design relies on the natural strength of the saplings, tried and true methods of construction, and traditional outdoor aesthetic to create an object that is fully functional, intriguing and nostalgic for handmade processes.



Gather is a coffee table designed to bring people together, while consolidating space in the living environment. The table encourages interactions between multiple people in a casual setting, where work can be done, coffee shared, or dinner served. The decorative panels on either side display a hand-carved motif inspired by tree branches. The cushions stack and can be stored underneath to fill the void left in the carving.


Stargazer is a low bench designed for outdoor living with the purpose of gazing up at the stars. The bench follows the curvature of the human back and lies low raising the user off the ground just enough to provide comfort, while allowing them to remain close to the Earth.